Windscreen Repair Specialist Selangor 2021

Windscreen Repair:

Windscreen repair has gained acceptance with majority customer as a viable alternative to replacement new windscreen. Through the years of dedicated research, we have developed a number of unique windscreen’s repair and replacement technologies that have gained the trust and confidence of our customers.

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Types of damages:

services_bulls eye1Bullseye

Bullseye breaks are named after the bullseye on a dartboard. They are caused by a rock or other object that is round in shape leaving circular damage, typically with a cone in the outer layer of the glass. It is similar to a chip, but is larger. This type of damage is easily fixed if repaired early.


Star Break

Star breaks are small cracks leading away from where the object hit the glass, leaving a starburst pattern. If a star break is not repaired immediately, it can cause numerous long cracks spreading across the windscreen.


A crack that occurs without anything hitting the glass, normally due to large temperature variations, such as a very cold car suddenly exposed to heat or a hot car suddenly chilled. For example taking ice off with hot water or putting the air conditioning on after the car has been sitting in the sun. Cracks are normally straight and almost always start at the edge of the windscreen.